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Industrial washing machine


Apr 21

Industrial washing machine

Laundry Solutions for The Hospitality Industry

There is nothing quite like the feeling of sliding into crisp, clean, pure white sheets in a luxurious hotel. However, many of us perhaps don’t consider the work that goes i...


Mar 21

Coin operated washing machines

Break Up with Breakdowns: The Importance of Reg...

Dependable Laundry Solutions works with many incredible businesses that are essential to their communities all over Australia. Whether it be hotels and caravan parks bringing ...


Sep 19

Industrial washing machine

Why you need to clean your Industrial Washer Parts

Did you know that one of the most common reasons for industrial washer failure is the lack of proper maintenance? That’s right. When your machines aren’t working properly,...


Jul 19

Industrial washing machine

Why Choose a Girbau Washer

Do you have laundry needs? In today’s world of technology, it can be hard to decipher what the best washer is for the job.  Girbau’s industrial products have been used a...


Jun 19

Industrial washing machine

Industrial Washing Facility Safety: Slips and F...

Did you know that slips and falls are a major cause of workplace injury in the industrial washing business? It’s true! ‘Not slipping’ may seem common sense, but think a...


Apr 19

Commercial washing machines

The Best Commercial, Industrial and Coin Washin...

As a leading supplier of Australian laundry machines for over 40 years, we have seen it all. Good machines, bad machines, and machines that offer true value - we have been ...


Mar 19

Industrial washing machine

Hotel Laundry: How to Schedule Operations

Keeping laundry clean. Making sure there are enough towels. Balancing housekeeping staff on-hand with the workload required. And ultimately, keeping customers happy. These ta...


Jan 19

Commercial laundry

Where to Get Washing Machine Parts in Australia?

Does your commercial or industrial washer or dryer need repairs? Whether you’re handy around the house or an electrician by trade, there is always a danger to sourcing your ...


Apr 18

Commercial laundry

Commercial and Industrial Washing Machines: Wha...

Durability. Efficiency. Ease of maintenance. Cost savings. Process improvement. These are the benefits you’re looking for from a Commercial or Industrial washer, but you�...


Feb 18

Commercial laundry

Girbau Hard Mount Washers – Need to Know

An industrial washer is a critical investment for your business. Making an informed decision is important to your costs, operations and potential for success. The capabilities...