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Did you know that slips and falls are a major cause of workplace injury in the industrial washing business?

It’s true! ‘Not slipping’ may seem common sense, but think about a busy laundry facility, operating at top speed, with staff weaving through tightly-spaced equipment and possibly some water on the floor. It’s more than possible to end up on the ground with an injury.

We’re going to go over the common causes of slips & falls, and show you how to care for your equipment and plan your facility so that you can minimise this issue.

The Cost of Workplace Injury

The cost of serious injuries due to workers’ compensation claims for employees or general liability claims for customers can be astronomical. An injury can cost you time as well as money – it can take hours or even days to attend to the injured employee and the investigation or court proceeding afterwards. If you lose an employee for some time, you could also need to train a replacement.

Water: The Leading Cause of Slips & Falls

As you might guess, a slippery floor is the main reason for slips and falls. And most of the time, it’s water leakage that is the root cause.

Keep Machines Maintained to Avoid Leakage
Make sure to maintain your washers. Pay special attention to the water-tight seal on front loading washers. The gasket between the door and the drum should be wiped after each load so that the seal isn’t broken by buildup or wear and tear.

Keep Your Facility Clean to Avoid Spills

If water can cause a slip, imagine what soap could do. A soap spill could linger on the floor for days or weeks, waiting for an unsuspecting employee to step on it and have their feet swept out from under them. Occasional spills are hard to avoid completely, but you can implement a strict cleaning schedule to make sure floors are mopped.

Pay Attention to Defects in Flooring

Loose or uneven flooring, or flooring with any bumps or divisions that could catch a shoe, present a permanent tripping risk. These things may seem insignificant, but compare the cost of fixing them to the cost of paying for a compensation claim.

Need Help Planning Your Laundry?

Armed with this knowledge, we hope you can improve the safety of your laundry facility. In this age more than ever, OHS is front and centre. And remember, a safe workplace is a productive workplace.

If you need help planning a laundry facility for maximum safety and efficiency, contact us. We’ve been at it for over 40 years. We also have a great range of quality industrial washing machines for sale so if you’re looking to upgrade your facility, we have what you need.

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