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Commercial washing machines


Jun 22

Commercial washing machines

The Future Expense of Cheaper Laundry Equipment

Getting a good deal on your commercial laundry equipment is important, a good price for something that will serve you well. But often, selecting on price alone means you e...


May 22

Commercial washing machines

Maytag Under the Microscope

When you’re establishing or replacing laundry equipment in your business, one of the most recognised names is Maytag Commercial - a brand worth looking closely at. Mayta...


Apr 21

Commercial drying machines

Laundry Solutions for Your Childcare Centre

Let’s be honest, as cute as they may be, our little rugrats are messy. Childcare centres often have a very high volume of laundry and need industrial-strength machines to en...


Mar 21

Coin operated washing machines

Break Up with Breakdowns: The Importance of Reg...

Dependable Laundry Solutions works with many incredible businesses that are essential to their communities all over Australia. Whether it be hotels and caravan parks bringing ...


Jan 21

Commercial washing machines

The Main Parts of a Commercial Washing Machine

With so many Commercial Washing machines being used in the most remote areas of Australia, owning these commercial washers often means learning all there is to know about wash...


Nov 20

Commercial washing machines

Commercial Laundry Washer Maintenance: What you...

When you have a sizable laundry business and have invested in high-quality equipment, the last thing you want is for it to break down. Not only can repairs be expensive, but e...


Aug 20

Commercial washing machines

Domestic vs Commercial: Which Washing Machine i...

When launching a business that aims to accommodate people, such as a hotel or an aged care facility, finding the right laundry solution is an essential part you want to get ri...


Aug 20

Commercial washing machines

5 Tips for Commercial Washing Machine Maintenance

Prevention is the best treatment. And not just when it comes to our own health, but also when you’re trying to prolong a commercial washing machine’s life. Maintenance is ...


May 20

Commercial washing machines

Keeping Track of Results: A Guide for Business...

Many businesses do their laundry in-house to keep costs down and keep everything in the one spot. Other businesses prefer to hire a commercial laundry service for their unifor...


Feb 20

Commercial washing machines

Maximising Your Commercial Laundry Workflow

Do you find yourself wanting to maximise your commercial laundry’s workflow but you don’t know how? If you’re in business, with or without a commercial laundry, you’ll...