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When you’re establishing or replacing laundry equipment in your business, one of the most recognised names is Maytag Commercial – a brand worth looking closely at.

Maytag Commercial has some of the market’s most superior machines, outperforming other brands in many aspects like durability, maintenance, and wash results.

Find out whether Maytag Commercial could be the solution for your laundry.

Industry-Leading Warranty

When you purchase any Maytag Commercial machine, you’re also taking away an industry-leading warranty of five to seven years, which makes it a wise, long-term investment.

Maytag Commercial’s reputation precedes it – with more than 100 years of experience since their establishment in 1893 in America, the company has spent more than 40 years in the Australian market, refining products for our unique conditions.

Over the lifetime of each machine, they are equipped to endure everyday, frequent use and stand up to whatever your environment and customers throw at them.

Quality Manufacture

Maytag Commercial equipment is built by the manufacturer and made to last, which means you have a machine you can rely on and won’t keep costing money to replace parts or repair.

Maytag Commercial include some key features in their designs, which alongside their premium quality manufacture, set them apart from the rest:

Dual-action agitator – with two independent pieces moving clothes through the water

Short cycle times – without compromising on cleaning results

Deepwater wash – maximum water levels to break up and rise soils

Powerful drive system – at the core of each machine

Heavy duty exterior – thick galvanised steel to resist damage and corrosion


Maytag Commercial are famous for their innovation. These machines are efficient in their use of energy and water resources, they’re flexible in the controls for operating including choice of water levels and cycle times, and they’re intuitive with sensors that detect water and moisture to find balance in function and energy use.

Maytag Commercial include a SAFE fire suppression system as standard on industrial dryers and offer a choice in whether a machine is fitted with coin, card or mobile app payments.

Maytag Commercial have made maintenance simple. Regular interior wiping and routine services will keep the machine running smoothly with minimal replacement costs.

Proudly, Dependable Laundry Solutions is the only supplier of Maytag Commercial in Australia

We’ve partnered with Maytag Commercial because of their reliability – purchasing these brands means you are purchasing peace of mind, knowing you have a dependable, sturdy and hardworking machine with a proven history of performance throughout its lifespan, regardless of how frequently it is used.

When it comes to your onsite laundry facility, you want washers and dryers that will add value to your property, being a sound investment for years to come, and Maytag Commercial is a premium choice at an affordable price.

Dependable Laundry Solutions also offer servicing of any machine, regardless of brand. Contact us about Maytag Commercial equipment options, replacing your old machines, repairs and servicing or end-to-end design of new laundry facilities – we will be delighted to help you on 1800 MAYTAG (1800 629 824).

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