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Getting a good deal on your commercial laundry equipment is important, a good price for something that will serve you well.

But often, selecting on price alone means you end up with a machine that underdelivers, causing more expense in the long run.

The biggest cost after the initial expense will be the energy and water to keep it running.

Good quality, eco-friendly equipment can save you long-term. Without the most efficient operating technology, it could cost you up to 40% more when your power bill comes in. Look for dryers with sensors to control temperature and running time, and front-loading washers with auto sense by weighing the load.

Faster, greater capacity to take big loads with short cycle times mean quicker turnover.

Faster running times, high spin and the capacity to take large loads will also save you on you power bill, as well as a more efficient service and a faster flow. For a laundry service, a quicker turnaround time means less work for staff, and laundromat front, customers will be happier with speedy visits, which increases customer capacity.

Operating technology; high spin, power balance, sensors and reverse drying, give efficiency and better end result.

Water and temperature sensors and high spin speed make each cycle more cost effective and with less drying time. Check the capacity of each machine in rebalancing, to prevent balling and uneven results. Reverse drying direction also makes dryers more efficient

Warranty and Servicing

What guarantee can the manufacturer give you on the machine? This will give you an indication of when you may be stung with big repair costs or replacement. The longer warranty, the better. A company that includes reliable servicing can also bring benefit as it keeps your machine working at optimal level over a longer life span.

If you want to find out more about using the most efficient equipment in your laundry, contact us today!

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