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Let’s be honest, as cute as they may be, our little rugrats are messy. Childcare centres often have a very high volume of laundry and need industrial-strength machines to ensure all stains are removed. From blankets and towels, to cushion covers, to beanbag chairs and bibs – it is crucial that every item is cleaned correctly to ensure that your childcare centre is a safe environment. This is more important than ever, in the light of the recent pandemic. Therefore, you need reliable machines that come with long-term maintenance support.

Dependable Laundry Solutions For Your Childcare Centre

Dependable Laundry Solutions has worked with multiple childcare centres across Australia, finding the ideal laundry equipment that meets the unique requirements of the childcare business.

Whether you are just starting your childcare business or already established and looking to upgrade your laundry equipment, Dependable Laundry Solutions provides a comprehensive consulting service. We will check out your space, discuss your budget, and map out the specific needs of your business. We can then advise on the best machines for your childcare centre. To learn more about our laundry design and installation services, please see our Design & Installation webpage.

We understand that space is often at a premium inside childcare / early learning centres, with so much needed to cram into a tight space which is why our MLE22PN Stack Washer/Dryer units are the go-to machine for Small to Medium centres around Australia – these stack units have a commercial dryer built up on top of a washing machine so you have both machines in the floor space of just one!
If you have got a larger early learning centre that needs to launder 24/7 our industrial washers and dryers are designed to keep running all day long and never miss a beat for you.

Dependable Laundry Solutions utilises Maytag Commercial laundry equipment, the most trusted brand of laundry machines in Australia, with all machines backed by the longest and best warranty in the marketplace. We stock the full range of equipment and the largest selection of Maytag Commercial spare parts in Australia. Therefore, if one of your machines requires a spare part, it is always easily accessible and will often take less than 24-hours to obtain.

Join our Premier Maintenance Membership Program to keep your childcare centre running smoothly.

Dependable Laundry prides itself on our exemplary after-sales support and customer service. Our dedication to maintenance and customer satisfaction sets us apart from our competition.

We want to help you avoid the costly experience of sending the laundry from your childcare centre off-site or even having to close your business for a day to sort out issues in your laundry. For this reason, we have created the Premier Maintenance Membership. The membership will provide you with regularly scheduled maintenance, either every 6 or 12 months. Your childcare centre will have a dedicated technician familiar with your specific needs and receive a 10% discount on the cost of any labour or spare parts required, should a problem arise. With regular maintenance, you can easily avoid serious breakdowns of machines, and your childcare centre can continue running smoothly. Check out our recent article, linked here, to learn more about our Premier Maintenance Membership.

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Your childcare business is an essential part of the community, and it is vital that you have laundry equipment that you can trust. Dependable Laundry Solutions are a WA-owned and operated family-run business which has been providing Commercial & industrial washing machines and dryers to various industries across Australia for over 50 years. Get in touch today – we can assist you at each stage in planning, purchasing, and servicing your equipment!

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