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Many businesses do their laundry in-house to keep costs down and keep everything in the one spot. Other businesses prefer to hire a commercial laundry service for their uniforms and dirty laundry.

If you have the resources and are willing to put in the effort, an on-site commercial laundry may be the way to go. Commercial laundry equipment suppliers can help you keep your on-site laundry up to scratch so you can continue producing dependable results.

Read on to find out more about businesses doing their own laundry, and how your commercial washing machine suppliers can show you how to track your results.

The requirements for an on-site laundry

Whether you operate a hotel in the city, a remote mining site, fancy restaurant or aged-care accommodation – if you have consistent laundry needs, there are plenty of benefits to gain from bringing it inhouse. 

An on-site laundry will let you:

  • Keep track of and train your employees, and
  • Take more control and optimise your business deliverables.
  • Wash when you need to, however you need to, and
  • Save costs with an energy-efficient commercial washing machine.

But running your own on-site laundry isn’t for everyone.

Here’s what your business needs before you consider doing laundry on-site:

If you check all of the above, then contact your commercial laundry equipment suppliers to discover the right commercial washing machine for your business.

The advantages of tracking your results

Any good manager would (hopefully) know all about key performance indicators, or KPIs. They’re the measurable outcomes which demonstrate how companies are performing against their business goals.

Setting relevant KPIs can help ensure professional standards are upheld throughout your business. And your laundry should be no different. If you want to maintain the same quality you would get from outsourcing, tracking performance is key. Without this data, you’re basically operating blind. Meaning you could quite literally be losing dollars down the drain.

Here are a few of the metrics you should be tracking:

  • Pounds per operator hour (PPOH)
  • Rewash percentage
  • Number of turns per day per machine
  • Downtime, error codes and service requests
  • Chemicals/supplies usage & costs
  • Utility usage and costs

Tracking these sorts of metrics will provide greater control and help uncover any shortcomings so you can fix problems and refine your process. By doing so, you can expect improved efficiency and quality.

For industries that depend on cleanliness and well-laundered linen, such as healthcare, restaurants and hotels, this sort of attention to detail is crucial.

The right commercial washing machine for your business

An ordinary washing machine can’t handle the volume of business laundry.

A Maytag washing machine and dryer will meet and exceed the expectations of your business laundry. Top load or front load, coin-operated or not, these commercial washing machines are highly-efficient and may just be the hardest workers on-site!

It’s time for your business to see how a Maytag washer from your commercial laundry equipment suppliers provides dependable-quality linen.

While it may seem easier to outsource your business laundry, it’s not always the best business decision to make in the long-term. Operating an on-site commercial laundry is something to definitely consider if you have the space and human resources.

Your local commercial washing machine suppliers are here to help you choose the best commercial laundry equipment to deliver dependable results.

Want to know more about an on-site commercial laundry for your business? Contact commercial washing machine suppliers, Dependable Laundry Solutions, today to track your laundry results.

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