Prevention is the best treatment. And not just when it comes to our own health, but also when you’re trying to prolong a commercial washing machine’s life. Maintenance is essential if you want to keep it functioning for a long time without breaking the bank on service too often.

There are a few tasks you should ideally perform regularly to make sure your commercial washing machine lives a long, healthy life!

Check the water inlet filters

The inlet filter is your washing machine’s kidney! It filters water before it enters the washing machine and therefore can easily become blocked, especially if you live in areas with hard water. This results in less efficient water flow to your washing machine, slowing down wash times and even causing machine errors.

Make a habit of checking the filters regularly and cleaning them. If necessary, don’t hesitate to replace them.

Check and clean the drum

Another tip to keeping your commercial washing machine in top shape is to regularly clean the drum – ideally once per year depending on how often your machine is being used every day. Soap, dirt and grime can build up over time inside the machine, a gross layer of muck that often prevents the machine from washing properly and certainly not giving you the best cleaning quality.

Needless to say, this also means you remove all the bacteria that likes to call your washing machine “home”.

Check the belts

It’s recommended to check the washing machine’s belts twice per year to make sure they’re not cracked or worn out. A worn-out belt will slow down the spin and might leave the laundry very wet at the end of the cycle.

It’s a good idea to keep a replacement belt at hand, in case one breaks or cracks. That way, you will be able to resume laundry washing quicker and keep your business running smoothly!

Clean the gasket between door and drum

Whether you have a top or front loader washing machine, you should clean the gasket between the door and drum regularly, as it often develops a buildup of dirt and grime that prevents the machine from sealing properly. After using the commercial washing machine, leave the door and soap drawer open after cycles to let them air out.

Check inlet and outlet hoses

This should definitely be on your maintenance to-do list. It’s important to check the hoses going in and out of your washing machine, to make sure there aren’t any leaks. Even a small leak can result in much higher water bills – not to mention it also means wasting water, which we should all try to reduce as much as possible.

Proper maintenance means less money spent on service. However, any washing machine will need repairs at some point and having a reliable go-to in these situations is very important.

Dependable Laundry Solutions are here to provide ongoing support including commercial washing machine repair services as well as on-going Premier Maintenance Memberships. Get in touch to find out more!