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Do you find yourself wanting to maximise your commercial laundry’s workflow but you don’t know how? If you’re in business, with or without a commercial laundry, you’ll know the importance of optimising workflow. What you may not know, is that production workflow is just as important as the commercial washing machine equipment itself.

Read more to find out how you can maximise the commercial laundry workflow to increase productivity. We’ve also included some tips to help you discover your kilos per operator hour (KPOH) score.

Increasing commercial laundry workflow productivity

Setting up your commercial laundry, from the design of the room to the commercial washing machine(s) you choose, is critical to the success of your commercial laundry operations.

Prevent the creation of bottlenecks in your production process due to factors such as incorrect equipment sizes, placements or outdated and unautomated equipment.

How? By keeping these factors in mind when designing or auditing your commercial laundry:

  • The volume of linens being processed
  • How far the linens move between production steps
  • The distance between washers and sorting areas
  • How the product is moved to and from areas
  • The distance between washers and dryers
  • Are the doors on equipment accessible, easy and fully openable?
  • The optimum height of folding tables

Plus, any other considerations that are relevant to your commercial laundry environment.

Ideally, you want employees to accomplish the highest amount of quality work, with the least amount of movement to do it. This is where the pounds per operating hour equation comes in.

Kilos per operator hour (KPOH)

KPOH is one of the most crucial efficiency statistics you can calculate in a commercial laundry. The average value is indicative of how much linen each operator is processing each hour.

What is KPOH reflecting?

  • Design parameters
  • Management of the commercial laundry
  • Operating conditions
  • Utilisation of workflow optimisation

The KPOH equation is the volume of linen processed, divided by the number of hours needed to process it, divided by the number of employees doing the work.

A higher score means a higher efficiency of production and the lower the labour costs and a lower score means a lower efficiency of production and the higher the labour costs – we know which option we’d prefer! Maximise your pounds per operator score with the design, management and operating of the commercial laundry, and choose the best commercial washing machine you can buy.

Choosing the right commercial washing machine

If you’re looking at commercial washing machines for sale, make sure it’s a Maytag. Why? These commercial washing machines never compromise on quality and will deliver dependable results for your commercial laundry capacities.

Choose from an 8.5kg or 9kg capacity, front loader or top loader style. These highly efficient commercial washing machines and dryers will maximise your laundry workflow, and prove the hardest workers in your commercial laundry.

Finding the perfect laundry-workflow balance

It can be hard to find the perfect balance between processing as much linen as possible, whilst not abandoning quality, well-laundered linen. It’s possible to achieve though. With the right design parameters, operational processes and the best commercial washing machines on the market, you’ll maximise your laundry workflow in no time.

In need of a commercial washing machine that will maximise your laundry workflow? Contact Dependable Laundry Solutions today to find out more about our range of commercial washing machines for sale.

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