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With so many Commercial Washing machines being used in the most remote areas of Australia, owning these commercial washers often means learning all there is to know about washing machines, dryers, energy cost reduction, water efficiency and so on. Another important aspect is maintenance/repairs. Things can get very costly if you don’t take proper care of your equipment and the only way to do that is to thoroughly read the manual and know the parts that make up your commercial washing machine. 

We’re going to take you through the main washing machine parts, so that you can have a good idea of how it works and what to keep an eye on when you do regular maintenance.

Main washing machine parts

Water Pump & Drain Pipe

During a washing cycle, water is recirculated through the washing machine via the water pump, in order to clean and rinse the laundry. The water pump also drains the dirty water through the drain pipe during the spin cycle. 

Water Inlet Control Valve 

Also called the solenoid valve, this washing machine part opens up automatically when you load your laundry. Its role is to fill up the inner drum of the machine. How much water is used depends on the setting you choose when you start a load. 

Washing Machine Motor  

As you can imagine, the motor is one of the most important parts of a washer. It produces the rotating motion needed for washing and rinsing laundry. When you start a cycle, you can choose the speed depending on the type of clothes you’re washing. For example, a setting  for heavily soiled clothes will use more agitation than one for delicates.


There are two drums inside a washing machine – an inner one and an outer one. While the first holds your laundry during the cycle, the latter supports the inner tub during spin and rinse cycles. 

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) 

This is where all the electrical components and circuits of a washing machine are found. You could say this is the “brain” of the washer. When you choose the type of cycle you want, the PCB receives the information, sends the message to different parts and ensures all the functions are performed correctly. 


An agitator inside of the drum rotates continuously during the wash cycle, helping to release the dirt from your clothes as they rub together in soapy water. 

Knowing the parts that make up a washing machine and understanding how it works will allow you to prolong its life with proper maintenance. 

And if you need to change parts, we are the largest suppliers of Maytag parts in Australia! Our fast and reliable warehouse team can help you minimise downtime with your machine and we can deliver your parts within 24 hours, anywhere in Australia. Get in touch today!

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