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If you’re in the market for soft mount industrial washing machines, Girbau Australia has you covered. Specialising in advanced and efficient machines, Girbau developed the HS series to satisfy the laundry needs of industrial businesses and operations.

In order to make the shopping process more convenient, we have drawn up a list and explanation of the more important features of Girbau’s HS soft-mount washer series.

Soft Mount: Installation and Efficiency

The Girbau HS Series are soft-mount washers. This means they have built-in suspension systems and don’t need to be bolted (mounted) to the floor.

This also means the HS series can handle spin speeds up to 400G (depending on the model) which leave less than 50% of residual moisture in the load. This lower residual moisture ensures your linens are coming out of the washer as dry as possible to save you time in the dryer and cut your laundry costs onsite.

Benefits include:

  • Easy Installation – If it fits through the door, it will work in your facility
  • Save on water and energy – high-speed spin cycle leaves less than 50% of residual moisture which shortens dryer times.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Sophisticated load balancing technology.

The HS Series: Model Numbers and Capacity Range

Model Capacity
HS-6008 8kg
HS-6013 13kg
HS 6017 17kg
HS-6023 23kg
HS-6040 40kg
HS-6057 57kg
HS-6110 110kg


Automation and Custom Programming

The HS series allows the user to set custom washing parameters. Adjust specifications for certain loads to create efficiencies of water, energy and chemical use. Or create quick default parameters to use often and create efficiencies in your process.

Program and Control Highlights Include:

  • 20 Pre Programmed defaults
  • 99 configurable programs
  • 6 water level settings
  • Simultaneous dosing of four products
  • Adjustable length of dosing signal
  • Connection to external chemical dosing system
  • Manually adjust parameters during washing
  • Smart Load: Automatic load detection and proportional use of water and detergent
  • Machines available in vended (coin operated or credit card) or OPL options

Ergonomics and Assistance for Operators

HS washers employ two technologies that make life easy for operators: Easy Load and Tilt System.

Easy Load compacts linen using water during loading. This minimises work for the operator whilst loading the machine. During unloading, the drum can be rotated in either direction to untangle and remove linen.

Tilt System angles the machine backwards to make things easier during loading. During unloading, the machine tilts forward, which can be done using a remote control.

The machine’s corners are rounded to minimise impacts, the drum door is wide for easy loading, and components are made easy to access for maintenance purposes.

Shopping for Girbau Machines in Australia

Selecting an industrial washing machine means making an investment in your business. Information and advice is as critical to your shopping process as the selection of machines on offer.

At Dependable Laundry Solutions, we have been serving the Australian market for 40 years. The quality of our service, machines, and maintenance has seen us expand to nationwide coverage. If you are looking for industrial – or commercial – machines in Australia, contact us for assistance.

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