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Our promise is in our name

If you’re in the laundry industry, you’ve probably heard the name.

Girbau is one of the top five commercial and industrial washing machine vendors worldwide. It’s a multinational business (operating in 80 countries), and a family-owned enterprise.

With machines for commercial, industrial and self-service or vended laundry, Girbau can supply the proper machine for most types of businesses. Within those disciplines, there are washing machines, dryers, ironers, finishing equipment and other auxiliary machinery.

Girbau laundry equipment is meant for small to large businesses. Think of hotels, nursing homes, health-care centres, gymnasiums, spas and the like – up to production facilities and mining operations.

We look here at how to consider Girbau’s lines of machines.

Important Considerations

Hard vs. Soft Mount

The popular HS Series are soft-mount washers. Soft mount is more expensive, but ideal if you need an easy install, and/or can’t meet the structural requirements of hard-mount washers. (Hard-mount washers often require solid concrete flooring, or need to be bolted down, and exert a lot of vibration force on your flooring).

If you need to cut overhead costs, consider a hard-mount selection. Choose between the RMG series (medium high speed), the RMS series (medium speed), and the LS series (medium speed).

Load Capacity

Load capacity ranges from 9kg (similar to a residential washer) up to 28kg for hard-mount washers. And soft-mount washers range all the way up to 122kg (more of an industrial machine than a commercial one.

Machine Profiles

For larger facilities, a new set of considerations comes in. High-volume loads. Equipment that meets production needs and efficiency criteria. Maximum profitability, at the required level of quality. Automation processes.

For high capacity, the HS-6110 is a possible choice.

  • Large 110kg capacity
  • Easy Install (soft mount)
  • Spin speed up to 1,000 RPM (cuts drying time)
  • Efficient processes (saves water, energy and chemical products)
  • 99 configurable washing programs
  • Select from 6 water levels
  • Failure check and alarm messages
  • Option to manually adjust parameters during washing
  • Smart Load – automatic distribution of water and detergent based on load size

If your needs are simpler and smaller, something like the RMG617 could fit the bill.

  • Medium 17kg capacity
  • 25 configurable washing programs
  • Select from 6 water levels
  • Easy access to all components to speed up maintenance tasks
  • Large-diameter drain to avoid obstruction by solid particles


Girbau machines offer durability, water and energy efficiency, high safety ratings, and availability worldwide.

If you have any questions about Girbau machinery, or are interested in sourcing laundry equipment for your business, contact us at https://www.dependablelaundry.com.au/.

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