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Industrial laundry comes with a stringent and specific set of requirements. Your needs will be high capacity, they will be specific to your business and industry, and they must be satisfied in a timely manner and with a guarantee of reliable result.

The following list is designed to help you know what to look for in your search for a supplier of industrial laundry equipment.

Equipment Selection

Does the supplier have what you need to get the job done?  Things to look for:

  • Range of size and load capacity in washers and dryers
  • Hard and Soft mount machines to suit your facility
  • Good information on advanced technical specifications – so you can make sure machines will suit your materials and process
  • Good information on efficiency – so you can calculate estimated utility costs
  • Equipment beyond washers and dryers, such as ironing, finishing, and folding equipment.

Keep an eye out for Girbau and Maytag – they are well established, top of the line makers.

Delivery and Installation

Exactly what you need to acquire and set up your laundry equipment will vary widely depending on your situation.

Are you simply refitting or replacing? Are you renovating? Or are you building or outfitting a new facility? You must be sure that your supplier can handle your needs, whatever they may be.

Dependable Laundry Solutions provide a comprehensive service from delivery through to installation and even design and layout of a laundry room. Whether you are repairing, replacing or building a new facility, we can help.

Here are some more considerations on how to design a functional laundry room.

Repair and After Sales Service

Can your supplier help you after the paperwork is signed?

A malfunction or failure of laundry equipment can grind your business to a halt. There is no nightmare worse than having no immediate recourse should such a situation arise.

Once you have purchased your laundry equipment, can you access ongoing support services including repairs and tune-ups to ensure your machines are running at peak efficiency?

Dependable Laundry Solutions offers a full suite of after-sales service. We also stock the largest spare parts range in Australia for all industrial washing machine brands with next day delivery.

Equipment Training

With new equipment comes new training requirements. Choosing a supplier that can advise or even train your staff can be a valuable asset when it comes to keeping operations running smoothly and mitigating difficulties down the road.

For our part, we offer training on how to use equipment, manuals available online, and even schools that teach your staff how to carry out repairs themselves.

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