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As our world changes, people are becoming more environmentally aware and choosing environmentally friendly products in their home and business as a result. This is a fantastic way to reduce your carbon footprint and it’s encouraging to see so many individuals and business owners doing their part to make a difference. However, ethical fabric and laundry techniques do have their own unique challenges, when it comes to the commercial laundry industry.

As commercial washing machine suppliers, we understand these challenges so we’ve compiled some tips on how to deal with the ethical laundry trend in your commercial laundry.

What is Ethical Laundry?

The growing demand for ethical laundry solutions could potentially turn commercial laundries on their heads.

Ethical cotton is a 100% natural cotton fibre, untouched by strong chemistry, chlorine bleachers or brighteners. It’s traded fairly throughout the manufacturing cycle, minimising environmental impact, carbon emissions and chemical contamination. There’s no denying that linen made from ethical cotton is delightfully soft, with good drape and breathability.

However, to preserve its ethical claim, ethical linen should be laundered the same. Currently, there are no international frameworks for ethical laundry in the commercial laundry industry. This brings a whole lot of confusion and onus on commercial laundry operators to discover and use the best commercial washing machine and laundry equipment suppliers.

Commercial Laundry Challenges

There are three major challenges in running an ethical laundry:

  1. Detergents
  2. Sodium Hypochlorite
  3. Optical Brighteners

Ethical cotton has a creamy white colour, and all chlorine bleach using sodium hypochlorite, commonly utilised in commercial laundry settings must be banned to maintain this.

Optical brighteners, (special additives applied to cotton sheeting) must be eliminated too. Many commercial laundry detergents contain optical brighteners, hence why this could prove a challenge.

Avoiding the use of optical whitener detergents in a busy, commercial laundry could be hard, as even one accidental washing using one of these detergents will cause colour damage, that’s not easily reversible.

The solution? A dedicated processing line for the washing, drying and ironing of ethical cotton. Somewhat costly, but achievable in a commercial laundry.

There are two solutions for ethical laundry in a commercial laundry:

  1. A dedicated processing line
  2. Choosing eco-friendly commercial washing machines and dryers in your commercial laundry

Choosing the Best Commercial Laundry Equipment

So, how do you choose the best equipment for your commercial laundry? 

The ultimate choice is a Maytag commercial washing machine and dryer, from a trusted commercial laundry equipment supplier. Choose your washing machine style from the top loader or front loader, and electric or gas options for your commercial dryer needs.

All within the floor space of one machine, you can have two – with Maytag’s MLE/G22PN Commercial Stack Washer/Dryer. With a 9kg capacity, this dual machine will give your commercial laundry the power, efficiency and durability it needs to operate day after day, wash after wash. The washing machine’s DuraCore Drive System enhances exceptional wash experiences and cuts drying time.

Ethical laundry has the potential to completely shake up the commercial laundry industry as we know it, but it doesn’t have to shake it up in a negative way. With the right commercial laundry equipment and expertise from the right commercial washing machine suppliers, your commercial laundry will continue to deliver dependable results every time.

Want to know more about the challenges of ethical laundry and your commercial laundry and how to overcome them? Contact Dependable Laundry Solutions, your local commercial washing machine and laundry equipment suppliers today for our expertise and dependable product range.

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