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Dependable Laundry Solutions is proud to announce that two of our employees recently took the plunge and have taken Australian Citizenship.

Korean born service technician Henry Kook and English born Northern Territory Manager Samm Acaster had their ceremonies on the same day 4000 road kilometers apart and both are as pleased as punch to be Australian citizens.

At a surprise morning tea Henry was treated to meat pies, ‘little boys’ and tomato sauce, pavlovas, lamingtons, vegemite sandwiches (which for some reason he declined!), fairy bread and Tim Tams.

Zinc faced staff wore traditional Aussie clothing—shorts and thongs and so on to make him feel comfortable in his new role as an Aussie.

He was given a barbecue lighter and a large beer glass to practice the new found skills conferred on him as an Aussie.

Samm, of course, was in Darwin so couldn’t attend but he was warmly toasted (with fruit juice!) in his absence and the Owners David and Gaby will be catching up with him soon to congratulate him properly.

Good onya to our new Aussie mates, Henry and Samm!

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