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Maytag washing machines are designed to be simple and easy to use, and with the correct knowledge, it’s possible to keep your machines running, or even repair a damaged machine in some cases, without the help of our professionals.

If you’d like to brush up on your skills before diving in, Dependable Laundry Solutions runs free one-day Service Schools, and a service where we fly out to remote locations in West Australia and train staff on the machines at hand.

If you’re ready (or have the immediate need!) to make a repair now, read on for our tips!

What Common Issues Might You Come Across?

There are a range of issues that might arise with washers and dryers, with a variety of causes. However, many of these issues are easily fixed if you have the right information.

Leaking Water

There are several reasons your washing machine might be leaking. To find the source of the issue, check the taps or inlet hoses, inlet valve, the pump, the centre seals, and surrounding hoses for leaks.

Non-Spinning Drum

A common cause of non-spinning drum is something being caught on the top of the inner basket or in between the inner and outer basket. Check these areas and remove any obstructions. Another frequent cause is a worn Clutch and Motor coupling, removal of gearbox to inspect Clutch and Motor coupling, warn parts would have to be replaced with new Manufacture Specified Parts.

Older Maytag models may also have issues with a dirty track. The motor sits on a roller and track, and if the track is rusty it may require cleaning and the addition of a lubricant to allow it to move freely.

Noisy Spin Cycle

A noisy spin is more often seized suspension that needs to be re-greased or worn-out damper pads replaced. Due to the aggressive movement of the suspension the grease applied from factory can wear and cause the machine to become unbalanced during spin. The damper pads serve as a buffer between the suspension and the base, and if they wear out, a grinding noise can occur. Applying heavy duty grease to the suspension can fix the seized suspension issue.

Water Not Pumping

If your machine is failing to pump water out, it could be for a number of reasons. Most simply it could be a kink in the drain hose that is preventing water from passing through, which is easily fixed. Another cause may be objects blocked in the drain hose, such as lint acheterdufrance.com balls or stray socks. Once removed, the problem should be solved. A lack of pumping water could also be the fault of the pump itself. If the impeller has broken free from the shaft, it will prevent the water from pumping.

All of these issues have simple fixes that can be carried out by yourself as long as you know where to look and what to do. To sign up to a Maytag Service School, fill out the form and register for their next session.

Service Schools at Dependable Laundry Solutions

To make sure you have the appropriate information needed to effectively repair your machine, it is strongly recommended that you attend our Service School. It’s a free one day event where we run through the basics of diagnosis, service and repair of the current series of Maytag Commercial Washers and Dryers.


Attendees should walk away with the ability to tackle the basic fixes to keep their washers and dryers running much longer. Of course, they can still call us any time if they have major faults that require servicing.

The service school is aimed at remote service technicians in Western Australia who service their local communities, but of course all are welcome!

Caravan/holiday park owners and maintenance technicians are frequent attendees, along with mine site staff. We can even provide personal tailored service schools for mine sites where we fly up and train their staff on the equipment on their site.

Interested? Register Here to attend our next session!

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