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In-House Laundry

Handling laundry in-house makes perfect sense for some businesses. Advantages include big savings from lower long-run costs, more control over your operations, and offering better customer service due to these factors. Potential drawbacks include the cost of buying commercial or industrial washing machines and dryers.


  • More control over the laundry process.
  • Save expense on outsourcing.
  • Wash when and how you need to. Save money by washing
  • Save by using energy- and water-efficient equipment
  • High performance machines that laundry service companies use are available to you.
  • Better, more flexible customer service.


  • Higher setup costs associated with purchasing laundry equipment.
  • No access to specialist knowledge.
  • Can be more difficult to ensure compliance with health and workplace regulations
  • What happens when machines break down?

How to Install Commercial & Industrial Washing Machines
If you are looking to buy and install a laundry for your business, we’ve written up a guide:
Design a Functional Laundry for Commercial & Industrial Washing Machines

Outsourced Laundry

Bundle your dirty clothes and linens, hand them off, and have them delivered clean and crisp by a laundry specialist. Outsourcing laundry services has its own set of advantages, and disadvantages.


  • Less stock and machinery to buy and maintain
  • Ease of Operation. Service provider handles operation, and may even sort your laundry.
  • Guarantee of regulation compliance
  • Guarantee of regularity


  • More expensive. The long term costs of an outsourced service will inevitably exceed the initial setup costs of in-house laundry.
  • Less flexibility. You are subject to the service provider’s availability and schedule
  • Less availability. If your business is remote, outsourcing may not be an option.

Which is Better for Your Business?

Generally speaking, the larger and more centrally located a business is, the more it may benefit from outsourced laundry. The smaller, quieter and more geographically remote a business is, the more it might make sense to handle laundry on-site. In-house laundry also is a great option for businesses with specific laundry needs, like washing certain types of materials, uniforms, or keeping to high industry standards.

Do you operate a large hotel chain, where each facility is in a city center? Outsourcing may be for you.

Are you an industrial, mining, or resource business that needs to wash uniforms, specific linen types, and may be remote? In-house laundry might be the way to go.

This advice will not apply across the board. Each business is different, and so are its requirements, its potential advantages, and its drawbacks!

If In-House Laundry Makes Sense for You… We’re Here!

Dependable Laundry Solutions is a leading Australian supplier of commercial laundry equipment. We’ve been supplying laundry machines for over 40 years, and can advise your business on equipment, and then supply and install that equipment.

Visit us online at dependablelaundry.com.au.

See our guide on Laundry Design & Installation.

Do you run a communal laundry? We now offer card reading laundry machines that boost profits and simplify management. If you’d like to enquire about cashless laundry, Click here.

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