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There’s clean, and then there’s medically, federally-approved clean. Those who run a spa (or any registered facility in the health or personal care industry) know the difference well.

The standards are high, and they apply to everything, from the floors, to the ceilings, to the hot tubs… to the towels and robes used along the way.

Let’s Talk Towels

Towels will be the major laundry component in both spas and salons. The constant use – and constant washing – of these heavy fabrics is one of the biggest laundry concerns for a spa or salon.

Your laundry system must be able to handle loads of heavy and absorbent fabric every day. For this, you’ll want to look at commercial laundry equipment.

Commercial Washers and Dryers for Salons and Spas – What to Consider

Disinfecting + Regulation

Health standards usually require that laundry reaches specified temperatures, for specified amounts of time, in order to be properly disinfected. If you own commercial machines now, make sure they are up to standard. And if you’re looking to buy, make sure your purchases will be able to hit the required washing temperature, and achieve the required level of dryness afterwards, both consistently and reliably.

You must make sure your laundry equipment and will more likely be able to guarantee that your laundry is properly disinfected (a must for spas).

Efficiency + Capacity

Commercial washers and dryers are highly efficient. They’ll save you time and money when washing loads throughout the day.

Consider the type of loads you need to do. Different washers and dryers are built to suit different needs. Manually programmable machines will allow you to run smaller loads (like a salon might need to do), without wasting water and energy. High capacity machines may be better suited to a salon running heavy loads.

Also consider what kind of space you have. Stacked units may suit a salon with limited space. Larger, more industrial machines may suit a spa’s heavy demands and larger layout.

Customer Experience

In addition to keeping your business profitable and up to legal scratch, great laundry practices contribute to the all-important customer experience.

Soft, fluffy spa towels are a big part of what makes a luxurious experience. Consistency in product and cleanliness is part of what keeps customers coming back to you.

When thinking about your laundry, strongly consider buying for quality and consistency rather than going cheap to avoid an up front cost.

Keeping Your Laundry Clean

In the end, the biggest part of keeping your spa or salon laundry sanitary is having the right tools for the job.

No matter how good your process is, if your cleaning equipment falls short, you will run into problems.

If you need to buy a commercial washing machine, or need any advice on how to keep your spa or salon laundry sparkling, contact us. We’ve been providing commercial and industrial laundry to Australia for 40 years.

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