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The laundry game is all about efficiency. Maximum effect, maximum efficiency, maximum output, and minimum cost. Savvy laundry owners and managers know they must squeeze every last ounce of productivity from their facilities, and that’s why we’re here to give you a few tips to get the most out of your Commercial Washing Equipment.

Clean or Replace Filter Inlet Screens Regularly

Filter inlet screens can get blocked by particulates in your water supply, and these blockages can prevent good water flow into your machines. This is especially true for places with hard water, which is the case in many areas of Australia.

We recommend checking these inlet screens regularly to keep your facility running at top capacity. Water filtration systems vary by location and building.

Remove Soap & Dirt Buildup Inside the Drum

Soap deposits accumulate over time and can result in poor cleaning performance or even odours in clean laundry. Use the manufacturer’s recommended cleaner to remove dirt and soap buildup. Always follow manufacturers dosing recommendations for detergent to prevent issues with build up of unused soap residue in your machines.

Check Belts From the Motor to Drum

Over time, the motor-to-drum belt can fray or split. If left too long, they may fail or snap, forcing you out of operation until you can get repairs done. Check belts for telltale cracks or fraying and replace them before they fail on you. A reasonable guideline is to replace them twice a year unless they’re not showing signs of wear.

For Frontloading Washers: Wipe the Door Seal

A quick wipe down of the gasket between the door and drum of a frontloader will prevent deposit build ups that can ruin your watertight seal. Wipe after each load to keep that seal tight and extend the life of your machines.

Clean Soap Dispensers

Unchecked soap dispensers can form gummy or powdery buildups that can cause your dispenser to play up. Keep them delivering the right amount of product by checking and cleaning them out every few weeks. Use hot water, and if necessary, soak the tray.

Remember: The Little Things Count

Next time you walk through your laundry, think ‘maintenance!’ These tips may seem like minor tweaks. There may be a million other things on your plate. But like so many things in the laundry industry, a stitch in time saves nine. Or in the case of expensive commercial washing equipment – it may save 9,000!

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