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In a world of increasing water shortages, rising water prices, and heightened social and competitive pressure to be eco-friendly, saving water has changed from a trendy option to a business necessity.

Whether you’re trying to reduce costs, respond to (or get ahead of) your competition, comply with regulations, or attract customers who care – it’s worth taking a look at water efficiency. This article will list the main factors to consider.

Monitor Your Water Use

Before you know where to improve, you’ve got to know where you stand.

Look up your machines to see how much water they use on average. Better yet, set up a system to measure how much your equipment is actually using in its current state of age and repair.

Look at your water metres, bills from the water company, data from flow-metres, and machine data – do whatever you can – and simply draw yourself a baseline for what you’re using now.

Consider Water Efficient Machines

The average top load washer uses 120+ litres of water per cycle. Compare this to the MHN33PN Front Load Washer from Maytag, which uses only 40 litres per cycle.

It’s clear that equipment is one of the biggest factors in water use for any laundromat or laundry facility.

Thinking about an upgrade? Do the math. How much would you save on water per load over the lifetime of the unit? How much does the new washer cost? Sometimes that’s enough to make the decision. But don’t forget to factor in potential future water price hikes, and other efficiencies or energy savings that new water efficient machine might offer you.

Here’s an example calculation of how much you could save in a year.

Maintain Your Equipment

Rinse cycles that go on longer than they need to. Machines that use too much or too little detergent. Machines that simply have to work harder to get textiles clean.

All these things can add up to a considerable amount of wastage. It’s all just one more reason to give your facility the regular once-over. Do it right, and you may save in other areas too such as energy use and potential downtime due to equipment failure.

If you need spare parts in Australia, Dependable Laundry Solutions is a leading supplier. If you need to Book a Service, we serve nationwide. And if you need education on how to service your own equipment, look into our service schools.

Seek Further Advice

Don’t try to do it alone – consult a professional and they may help you with water saving decisions.

At Dependable Laundry Solutions, we’ve been supplying, designing and maintaining Australian laundry facilities for over 40 years.

Whether you’re looking for some well-informed advice or seeking to buy a commercial washing machine, give us a shout any time we’d be happy to help.

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